Become a Greenpeace Africa Philanthropist

Humanity has caused many of the problems that threaten essential life on our planet.
Now it is up to humanity to take a stand and save our planet for future generations.

We need individuals with the foresight, passion and resources to change the future of our planet.

Your investment will help us to:

We use confidential sources, satellite imagery, undercover operations and scientific testing to investigate those responsible for destroying the environment. We find out where the real power lies in order to take effective corrective action, and research the solutions needed.
If the offenders refuse to listen to our case and improve their practices, we expose them in the public arena. This puts our message in front of the general public who need to hear it.
Our researchers, scientists, lawyers and campaigners document the findings of our investigations and use this as fail-safe evidence in our legal cases.
As a last-resort tactic, Greenpeace activists take high-profile action in peaceful, direct confrontations to stop the destruction and to push forward solutions.
Greenpeace political advisers work directly with businesses and governments to help them develop and implement environmentally sustainable policies that will stand the test of time.