Greenpeace International has been campaigning against environmental degradation since 1971, and this founding ethos of ‘bearing witness’ in a non-violent manner continues today. Activated through robust research, advocacy and lobbying primarily through its dedicated Ships, Actions and Investigative unit; the organisation has become known for their non-violent direct actions which are the result of a thorough investigative research process, based on gathering and analysis of evidence of environmental degradation.

We are bold, non-violent and changing mindsets

Greenpeace Africa does not have permanent allies or enemies; but promotes open, informed debate about the environmental choices that all people can all make. Through research, lobbying and diplomacy; Greenpeace Africa aims to change mindsets and attitudes towards achieving long-term behaviour shifts that contribute to the overall protection of the environment and the promotion of peace.

Working with local organisations in various countries as partners in making African voices heard and ideas understood; Greenpeace Africa seeks to help fund real, sustainable solutions for the whole planet and thus help create a greener future for all.

We are independent

Greenpeace Africa is a politically and financially independent organisation, funded solely by individual donors, private trusts and foundations. It does not accept subsidies or donations from corporations, public authorities, political parties or international institutions.

It is this very independence that allows the organisation to stay free, credible and without conflicts of interest. Greenpeace is therefore able to take a position against polluters and denounce environmental scandals without fear or prejudice. This is the pillar of Greenpeace’s reputation, gaining us the trust of many Africans.

We present solutions

Our slogan “People, Actions, Solutions” captures our commitment to work with people by taking collective action to achieve long term solutions towards environmental protection. In an ever-changing world, our solutions – such as ecological farming and the use of renewable energy sources that are more reliable and efficient than fossil fuels – are accessible to all Africans, and are tailored to climate change and resilience. Greenpeace Africa can show you a different way of performing the same task but in a manner that combats climate change and environmental degradation.

We work in partnership

Greenpeace Africa recognises that local NGOs are critical to the cause and provide on-the-ground expertise to grow campaigns. Through partnerships with like-minded organisations, we are able to bring sustainable solutions to self-driven local communities. Our vision is: to partner to generate a Billion Acts of Courage for the environment, this requires the involvement of people from all social spectrums.

Our ships

Greenpeace Africa is one of few global organisations with its own high-sea fleet. We operate three well-equipped seafaring vessels. These ships are used for scientific research, expeditions, on-the-spot direct actions and public tours when in port – there are no passengers and the entire team on board work as the crew. Greenpeace sail the oceans to expose environmental degradation, reaching even the most remote areas. It brings its message to places where others cannot or do not want to reach. Greenpeace Africa uses its ships to expose the illegal shipment of timber felled in the Central African rainforest. As part of our oceans campaign we research and collaborate with local authorities in joint surveillance to document and report illegal and overfishing practices. The ships play an extremely important role within Greenpeace because they offer frontline support for our campaign work.

Njeri Kabeberi, Executive Director, Greenpeace Africa: DRC Peatland Expedition 2018.

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